Subject:Ferengi Announcement

The sybmol of the Ferengi Alliance appears on the screen... large and simple in design, yet unnecessarily bloated almost to the edges of the viewer. When it fades, an image of an elderly Ferengi appears. His face is well wrinkled, his ears massive and his smile strangely self-assured and calm. Few beings in the galaxy don't recognize the figure off hand, but for those in the minority, a large golden subtitle "Grand Nagus" announces the most powerful Ferengi in the Alliance, and perhaps the richest being in the known universe.

Glancing at the screen devilishly, the Grand Nagus Zek takes little time to begin his announcement. "Ah, are we on? Good. Don't shake that camera that much, I am getting cross-eyed!", he says as he shakes his Nagus Staff in the air at the invisible reporter, "Greetings, prosperous businessmen of the galaxy. I am pleased to announce that on behalf of the Ferengi Alliance I will be soon traveling to the United Federation of Planets on... a business proposal, you may call it."

Chuckling in a high pitch, the Nagus continues, "Yes. Be ready for my arrival! I like my bed soft and I hate long waits. Before I get there, however, I may have to jump to Hellesport for a day or two. I hope that station of yours is safe now. I am not interested in fighting anomalies".

With a final smile, Grand Nagus Zek makes a few more utterly useless and unimportant gestures in the direction of the camera, and the feed suddenly ends. The symbol of the Alliance fills the screen once again, revealing little to the travel purpose or timing of the Nagus... which is precisely his style.