Subject:Hellesport Trap, Day 3

In a spectacular countdown that took Hellesport to virtually seconds of life support left, the station in the Binary sector has been saved by a combination of wits of several individual and the aid of all the governments of this section of space.

As two hours remained till the doom on the station, the FAS Nindraga arrived in the sector with the owners of Hellesport aboard it. Proprietor Rak - one of the group - has spoken to the leadership of the station, promissing financial ruin to all who didn't solve this problem on time. Adding the time of rehiring new staff on the station and the possible legal and monetary penalties for the loss of the important personnel aboard, he did little to relieve the tension in the already overworked staff.

But moments later, an old Ferengi freighter, requested by DaiMon Letek arrived in the sector. Coming to stop near the station it set itself to emit maximum power and its crew was transported away to the FAS Nindraga. And here... complications followed. As the Hellesport crew bravely stood their post on the bridge in the light of the computer ticking the minutes to imminent death, it took over 30 minutes to position the freighter away from all, but close enough to still exhude its power signature on the station.

That done, the other vessels in orbit locked their weapons on the freighter, and prepared specially calibrated torpedoes that would collapse the temporal distortion. And then, one by one, they all shut their power to the bare minimum.

As Hellesport did the same, leaving only one operational deck (and even that down to -22 degrees Celsius at the end), the waiting game begun. Would the anomaly leave Hellesport and move towards the brightest beacon of power in the system - the empty ship? With no time left on the clock, the Klingons were the first ones to report the shift of the anomaly from the station to the Ferengi freighter. On a mark, all vessels opened torpedo fire...

The resutling explosion from the number of torpedoes was so large that the debree from the freighter hit the hull of the Hellesport and bounced off the shields of all vessels. Science scans showed that the distortion was indeed destroyed with the ship. In a matter of minutes, a voice came from Hellesport, hailing all with a message that the station residents have survived. It could have hardly been any closer.

What turned out to be one of the greatest accords of the new age, Hellesport Conference almost ended up in disaster. The plan to save it was bold, and DaiMon Letek along with Legate Tolim Rotek are credited with its conception... but many others added to its execution. Perhaps... just perhaps, there is some degree of hope of peace for the future. If all the governments can put aside their wars, conflicts and grievances, and work together in the times of doom, then hope exists. Today, we have witnessed it all. Who will champion this cause now?

Thus, we end our coverage of the Hellesport Disaster. Remember, it was GNN that won the bid for the live coverage transmission from the Ferengi. You saw it here first. Thank you for joining us.