Subject:The Sign Has Come

*The camera snaps on and you see a medium built Ferengi wearing a course brown robe standing in a small grey room.  He bows to the camera very formally and begins speaking.*

Greetings to All,

I am Limpha ... an Achree for Kadj ... *his stance becomes a little less formal as he places one hand on the tree trunk* I had sent a message a few months ago to the Galactic Enquirer concerning a sign that would be given ... a sign that Kadj will NOT destroy this sector.

*The Ferengi lowers his hand from the tree and brings both hands behind him, in a relaxed manner.*

I had been down on Minos pondering just when this sign would be given when it was shown to me ... *The Ferengi chuckles slightly* ... It actually has been shown to all in this sector ... it is just that it was a sign that most beings do not expect.

*The Ferengi again brings his hand up against the tree and slightly leans on it as he looks at the camera with a happy smile.*

Many ... if not all of you reading this message have recently had some sort of upgrade on your ship ... or the ship you dwell on .. or even the planet you dwell on.  You might even have had your ship consoles replaced, or replicators replaced, because the other one was obsolete... *The Ferengi pauses and just stands there for several seconds smiling before continuing* Now ... think just a moment about that ... how ... do I know you just had an upgrade ... I know it was not some dramatic upgrade ... you probrubly didn't learn some technology to help you cloak better ...or fly signifigantly faster ... yet there was a change to your consoles ... your computer ... perhaps your replicators and scanners.

*The Ferengi stands there for several more seconds before finolly continuing*

. Race ... recently had some type of technology breakthrough in just that one area ... computing.  This technology made the devices doing computing much better ... and much cheaper in the same step.  So much better and cheaper that is was almost pointless not to upgrade everything.  I myself had my runabout upgraded .. and I am sure that the majority of the cost was in the labor of installation.
Does this mean that all of the Organizations all have the same technology ... I am quite sure this is not so.  Each works on their own devices in their own way .. but Kadj felt that he should grant the races in this sector the intelligence to improve in this one area.  I am sure if Kadj wished he could have granted all races to be able to have the power that the fabeled 'Q' have ... but he did not.

*The Ferengi finishes speaking, then lowering his hand he stands a little more formal.*

Along with this sign, I have been given a task ... the task to actually start a church devoted to Kadj.  I shall not burdon you with the details ... I shall put them on the list called *Kadj.
I thank you for listening ... and may Kadj continue to bless this sector with blessings beyond our imagination.

*The Ferengi bows again to the camera, then his fingers seem to sqeeze something small in his hand and the camera snaps off.*