Subject:Hellesport Trap, Day 1

At the end of the first day, Hellesport is still trapped in the temporal distortion, although much progress seems to have been made. By now, all the organizations have their vessels in the area, except the Romulans, although the latter are supsected of keeping a cloaked presence in the Binary sector.

Few plans are at work to save those on the station, and to the surprise of many, the degree of cooperation between various governments is good. It was discovered just recently that the presence of the Tholian battlecruiser in the region has had strange effects on the distortion. Presumably some technology within the Tholian ships is modulating the frequency of the distortion, disrupting its signal. That disruption is only significant enough to add one day to the estimated time of the life support failure on Hellesport... bringing the suposed moment of doom to two days from now, as opposed to one.

Apparently, there is one hypothesis that is being tested by the Cardassians, the Tholians, the Klingons and the Hellesport itself. It is supposed to be put in action soon, and the Ferengi Letek has already started the bid for live-coverage among the networks. Currently, GNN is leading in the bid, and this network _strongly_ suggests that any other would-be competitors withdraw from the bid now!

Finally, the owners of the Hellesport Station have been notified - a group of corporate Ferengi with enough power to alert the head of the Ferengi Alliance. They are on their way to the place of crisis as we speak.