Subject:Galactic Trap!

Urgent report by an independent holo-press company:

As one of the greatest conferences in the history of this galaxy was drawing to a close, a galactic-scale catastrophe occurred on Hellesport! First reported by the Cardassian Galor cruiser CUGW Vetar, a spacial temporal distortion moved into the Binary system and settled on the biggest space object around - Hellesport station.

The temporal distortion is of an unstable type, and needs power to feed its internal cycle. Hellesport, which produces more power than any ship in the vicinity, has become its victim. Currently, the spacial anomaly is draining power from the station, preventing any transports in or out, including docking and undocking procedures, which will be fatal to the ships attempting them!

The Cardassians have estimated that the distortion will drain the shields of Hellesport in a matter of hours, after which it will proceed to drain internal power. The full life-support failure is estimated in 2 days by the Vetar.

The incident occurred while the representatives of virtually all space governments were still onboard the station. In a universe-wide emmergency, the Cardassian Central Command, the Tholian Assembly and the Romulan High Command have been notified and put on alert. Response is also expected soon from the Klingon High Council and the Starfleet Command. The station is said to be in grave danger, and all hands are required for a possible joint effort to recover the station and its valuable personnel/guests. The future of the Hellesport Conference results may depend on it... All governments are asked to rend assistance!

End of report.