Subject:Khitomer Revisited

A pan of the Hellesport station floating majestically in space appears on the screen... the star-woven universe deep and cold against the familiar shape. With the words "Khitomer Revisited" and a new chime, the Galactic Enquirer begins its report with a gallantry not found for years. As the camera pans the station, foreign ships are visible... a Vor'cha cruiser of the Klingons, a massive vessel of the Tholians, a Galor class cruiser of the Cardassian race, and many others are docked at it, including a UFP Galaxy class starship.

"Today, in a highly anticipated event that had billions upon billions of spectators set in front of their holovids across the entire galaxy, the Hellesport Conference has taken place in the Binary sector. Hosted by the Ferengi Alliance, and bringing a good name to the troubled station of late, the conference took over 7 hours, but its results will reach across light years and parsecs in seconds.

"Among those present were the representatives of the Klingon Empire, Cardassian Union, United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Ferengi Alliance, Gorn Confederation, and a variety of many smaller regional and sector governments. All but the members of the Dominion and the Breen were in attendance.

"The discussions were fierce and the displays of diplomatic power outstanding, as many governments pitted the best ambassadors and military advisors against each other. Among the more notable attendees were Lt. Commander Mel, Cadet Treckvin, Captain Pitrick (UFP), DaiMon Letek, Governor Mango (FA/HP), Legate Tolim Rotek, Gul Selvat (CU), Llairhi t'Jhihansu (RSE), aj' Krotoc (KE) and Ambassador Plebc (TA).

"The results are as quick as they are unexpected, declaring the Hellesport Conference a complete success! The UFP and the KE have signed peace, with the UFP giving territory concessions to the Klingon Empire as well as a move towards a possible economic cooperation. The CU has signed a truce, however cold, with the UFP, and neither side has given up any concessions, although various statements are pending.

"It is naive to think that this conference has solved all the problems in the galaxy, but it certainly contributed to less violence. Let it be written on record that the Hellesport Conference is a great success and bound to go down in the history as one of the major pacts of this universe."

The camera finishes its majestic cirlce around the Hellesport station, and reaches the starting point. With this, the chime intensifies, and the image fades slowly, only to be revisited tomorrow in all major news telecasts, magazines and holo-newspapers.