Subject:Cardassian Statement

The screen flickers and a logo of the Cardassian Union appears on it.

                                  _:\ /:_
                                ."'  :  '".
                               '   .---.   '
                              /    | ^ |__.'\
                              '. * ' _ '   .'
                                 '. \_/ .'
                                   \: :/
                                    | |
                                   '. .'

As it fades, it becomes a part of a wall of some official Cardassian installation. Lit against the background, it provides a backdrop against which a youthful looking Cardassian officer sits. His position is stern and military, his stare experienced and weathered, and his smirk seemingly painting his entire speech, that bursts with sarcasm and self-pride.

"I am Gul Selvat of the Third Order of Madrasad, the Cardassian Military. The time for truth has come. Tomorrow, the ships of the Union will hoover victoriously over Hellesport, as our and the Klingon government meets with the United Federation of Planets. The Union is coming, and it will demand sattisfaction. If that does not happen, the combined fleet of Cardassia and the Klingon Empire will sweep over the skies of the Federation, and this time will not stop till it conquers Earth. It will not stop till every child on Earth is brought up speaking the Cardassian language.

"I bring with me a list of damages done to the Union, ranging in the billions of credits. We will accept territory or other compensation, but that will be discussed at a diplomatic table. Till tomorrow..."

Reaching for an invisible switch, the Gul turns off the transmission without as much as a single glance at the screen.