Subject:A UFP-KE-CU Conference of Peace!

"This just in", a reporter from the Galactic Enquirer announces, "After months of silence in lieu of the end of open hostilities, the representatives of the United Federation of Planets will meet with the Cardassian Union and the Klingon Empire on Hellesport station, early Saturday evening. The meeting is sudden, but well planned in advance. It has been pressed for hard by the Cardassians, who have concealed this date till now.

"However, it is also reported that the Hellesport station is open to all, and all and any residents of the galaxy are welcome to attend the meeting, in the roles of observers."

The reporter takes his hand off the left ear, where a small ear-speaker can be seen now, "With such a number of people from all over the galaxy present, one can surely expect much more than just the official talks take place. On the Ferengi run station, deals and opportunities have intensified of late, most passing as illegal in pretty much all governments of the quadrant, but legal according to the Ferengi standards. The Galactic Enquirer will be there to bring you the news, as it occurrs."