Subject:Ferengi to host peace conference

    The clean cut anchor nods, "And now for Galactic news." The display shifts as the 'galactic news logo' spins for a moment before cutting back to the anchor who gives a slight nod towards the camera. "Our top story this evening comes from the Ferengi Alliance station, Hellesport. As the fighting settles but tension continues to remain high the Ferengi Alliance has issued a galaxy-wide statement this evening."
    With that the screen darkens to the symbol of the Ferengi Trade Alliance and is soon replaced by a rather Ferengi face placed before the backdrop of the Alliance's symbol. The figure gives a slow nod and begins speaking, his Ferengi accent slightly grating. "Citizens of the galaxy I come before you this evening with news for each one of you. For to long conflict has disrupted the serene and profitable states of balance that we normally enjoy. As you're most likely aware recent conflicts have erupted between almost all major powers in the Galaxy, and even now with the fighting all but stopped tensions remain high." The large eared troll shakes his head, "The Ferengi Alliance has sat silent for to long. We had hoped that things would settle themselves, even ignoring attacks by various factions upon our trade vessels." He gives a lamented sigh, "No longer can we hope for those alone to resolve their conflict without help. The recent purchase of Hellesport station in the neutral zone has left open an unparalleled opportunity. We offer the chance for all governments to gather for a meeting not seen since Khitomer. The doors of HellesPort docks are open and even as this is transmitted we prepare for your arrival. It is our hope that these conflicts can be resolved and the citizens of the galaxy return to a more agreeable state. Every government, great and small, will have a seat, and the opportunity to speak." He nods once, "I look forward to seeing you all there."
    The anchor returns his hands steepled upon the reflective desk before him, "With this the first public announcement the Galactic Enquierer has no further information or analysis of the situation except for a list of general information."
    1. All governments are encouraged to attend, each will be allowed time to speak and debate and meet with representatives from other governments.
    2. The station will be open to the public, including many of the areas that will host conference events.
    3. The represented governments may invite whomever they wish. Those who will not take an active roll in the conference will be provided with seats in the upper galleries.
    4. Any unused gallery seats will be offered to the general public, but may only be obtained upon Hellesport station.
    5. The press is invited to attend and transmit the events. Contact Hellesport public relations for press requirements.
    6. If any of the attending governments have any special requests please relay them to the Ferengi Trade Association and arrangements will be made.
    7. - No - weapons by anyone not under the employment of the Ferengi Alliance will be allowed. The Ferengi Alliance is providing - all - security for the event. Due to the sensitive nature of this event anyone bearing arms for any reasons is subject to immediate arrest and punishment as mandated by the Ferengi Alliance.
    8. These rules are subject to changes and additions, the Galactic Enquierer and Ferengi Alliance will freely distribute the most up to date version.