Subject:Interesting Occurences

It is with the acquisition of Hellesport by the Ferengi government that not only do the silent Rihannsu make once more their presence known in the public eye, but the equally xenophobic Tholians as well. For though no sources within the United Federation of Planets will confirm it, rumors have begun to leak of a great many gravitational wakes reverberating throughout the area of neutral space between the Assembly's borders and that of Starfleet's.

Independent vessels have more and more frequently encountered small, but dangerous, scouts of the Tholian fleet: resulting in often unpleasant incidents that forced the transports or freighters to turn back around and retreat into Federation space. Even high ranking officials within Starfleet, unwilling to state their ideas on record, have noted the unquestionable and unnerving fact that the once silent empire of the Tholians has begun to amass its ships upon its neighbors' borders, mot notably the Federation's. For what purpose the Assembly deems it necessary to do this is questionable. But undoubtfully we shall hear or discover the purpose to these actions all too soon. and it is the hope of many that they shall not prove violent in their core but simply overly protective as we so often know the Tholians to be.

For the United Federation of Planets is on the eve of peace, or so it would seem. Their conflict with the Klingon Empire has ended, their relations with the Cardassian Union beginning the process of healing. Yet, still, there is no doubt that these empires they have made enemies of, and one must never forget the ever watchful Rihannsu, will not dismiss their own interests for simply the concept of peace. Thus, we all must be most diligent to avoid any further dark times before us. To ensure that the Tholian Assembly does not look to strike against us when we are now recovering, instead, perhaps it is time to finally heal the damage they feel we've inflicted upon them with their Ambassador's death and the animosity they seemingly feel against us. To do this would ensure the prosperity and stability of this region of the galaxy, or at least postpone any festering possibility for near-future conflicts.