Subject:Speculative Report

A larger than usual Romulan interest in the Binary Sector (where the Hellesport station is located) has been suspected lately. While most of the cloaked presence of the Romulan vessels can hardly be detected or speculated, this time open inquiries were made. The Romulans have discretely made it clear that the Neutral Zone will still follow the rules set between their Empire and that of the Klingons, and that while they claim little intention to interfere in it on behalf of anyone else than themselves, they will be watching.

Yet the longstanding and apparently very lucrative Trade Alliance between the Romulans and the Ferengi has many experts say that the purchase of the Hellesport station played directly into the hands of the RSE, and that despite their hands-off statements, they will support the station the way they did before the Clover administration.

Other analysts say that little can be predicted, as the Klingon excursion into the Neutral Zone in which they claimed the Hellesport station did violate the treaty that binds those two empires about that neutral area. That treaty is, however, not known outside those two empires, and the Romulans may have had their own reasons for not engaging the Klingons till now. The obvious ones may be that after all, the Klingons got rid of the Dominion presence in that area... a move that the Romulans certainly must support, especially when it occurrs without any losses of their own people. Second reason, and a much more questionable one, is that the Klingons and the Cardassians used the Hellsport station as a launch point in their war with the UFP. The Romulan stance towards the UFP is aloof, to say the least, after the breaking of their alliance.

There are also those reports of some ties between the UFP and the CU, but the only binding element between them is that some ties exists... each source stating different details. Now, however, with the Ferengi presence in the Binary System, the balance of power in that area changes drastically. Together with increased trade, one can expect a greater involvement of the Romulans - a nation that has been quiet for way too long, and one seemingly always ready for war.

For Galactic Enquirier, this is Xavier Ford.