Subject:Klingons sell Hellesport Station to Ferengi

In a move sector analysts had been predicting for weeks, the Klingon Empire has sold Hellesport Station, which it captured from the Dominion in its recent campaign in the Klingon/Romulan neutral zone, to a group of Ferengi entrepreneurs.  The deal, the amount of which was undisclosed, was completed this morning, and the Klingon troops occupying the station are being transfered off the station to waiting starships.  The new Ferengi owners have already installed their own management hierarchy and have begone to restaff positions eliminated by the Klingon presence.  The Ferengi also promised to be as "humane" as possible when dealing with existing employees.  DaiMon Tog, one of the new owners, told the Enquirer, "This station represents the beginning of a strong Ferengi presence in this market region.  We will restore Hellesport to its former position as the premiere and most profitable commercial station in the neutral zone."