Subject:Keiv tragedy

As you all know by now we have had a very tragic accident aboard Spacedock. A Fleet Officer fired a weapon toward an unknown ship that was in orbit around Earth to try to disrupt it's cloaking capabilities to try to determine who's ship it was. After repeated hails, with the ship refusing, or unable to answer, and due to the fact that Spacedock has been attacked several times within the last several days the Starfleet Officer, who also happens to be a Doctor in Starfleet, fired trying to get close to the vessel.
Tragically, the shot went awry and struck Earth in the vicinity of Kiev which caused a Plasma reaction in the Atmosphere and killed thousands of people in and near the city. Rescue operations are still being carried out as I speak and at this time we are unclear how many people have died but our estimate is that it is in the thousands.
Our information is still comming in thus the reason for not rushing forward to announce this tragic event. As the facts unfold the people of the United Federation of Planets will be told.
The name of the officer who fired the weapon is not being released at this time due to security concerns. Threats have already been made against his life so to protect him and those who would harm him the identity is being with held for the time being. I ask you all to please be patient. This is a tragic event but the truth must be found. At this time we are unsure if it was human error or mechanical error that caused this. If we find it was human error this Officer will face Court Martial at least. If we find it was mechanical error the Officer will still face Court Martial for his actions.
Please, be patient and as we learn the facts we will report them either by this medium or by the news media.
That is all I have at this time. Thank you.