Subject:Cardassian Echoes

The chime of the Galactic Enquirer plays as the three dimentional logo of the network rotates on the screen. As the introduction is done, an attractive Terran female stares into the screen. Smiling mildly, but seductively, she straightens her shoulders and raises a small datapad from the desk, glancing at it from time to time as he speaks:

"Greetings, galaxy. It has been reported to us from an independent source that some form of strong government politics have been occurring in the Cardassian Union. These rumors are still unfounded in hard fact, but this network has been gathering evidence of political struggle within the newly resurrected empire. With an analysis on the possibilities, here is Mr. Selok." Turning her head, the anchor glances at someone to her right. The camera pans in that direction, revealing a dispassionate looking young Vulcan who sits in a rigid pose and wears traditional Vulcan garb. His language is toneless, as if all the speculations he delivered were mere possibilities that logic dictates.

"There are three possibilities that could logically be taking place. As we have witnessed this in the past, the civilian faction within Cardassia Prime may be gaining the majority of the government. This is logically possible, given the fact that a civilian diplomat was recently seen on Hellesport speaking on behalf of the Union. The second possibility is that the military is taking a complete control over the empire... a control that they have not enjoyed yet in this resurrection. Should this be the case, the Alpha Quadrant can expect a much more aggressive Cardassia - one that will either continue its expansion, or move to settle old scores that have never really disappeared in the minds of the Cardassians.

"The third and currently most plausible possibility is that of a stalemate in the government between the civilian and military factions. This stalemate is not infinite, of course, and an internal struggle may result soon. Since the Union is in no position for such a struggle, it is quite possible that one side will graciously allow the other victory. This will be the currently weaker side... one that is bound to make a run for the leadership when things calm down.

"This developmet is most crucial to the upcoming Cardassian-Federation-Klingon talks. The current government of the Union will change the face of the talks. It is logical that the Federation should inform itself quite well of the current events in their enemy territory. Even if the war continues, this knowledge will be strategically advantageous."

The Vulcan finishes his speech without as much as a nod, as if his silence was a logical conclusion to the fact that he is finished. Even the camera mises that signal, and lingers on the pointed-eared figure for a bit longer than required. Finally, it pans over to the smiling Terran female, who moves on to another agenda in today's news...