Subject:Federation Announcement

** The seal of the United Federation of Planets appears briefly on the screen, then is replaced with an image of Admiral Murok sitting at a large oak desk -- the same one he delivered his last address from. **

Ten minutes ago, Starfleet Vice Admiral Jedyk perpetrated the murder of former Fleet Admiral Gage, President Rothman, and all of the other Federation officials arrested for treason, with the exception of Chairman Behnu, who the Vice Admiral apparently allowed to escape, and then proceeded to take his own life.

* Murok pauses for a moment, then continues. *

The Federation has suffered many wounds these past few months, both from without and within.  I did what I believed was necessary to prevent the destruction of all we have worked to create and defend, and I take full responsibility for the actions of myself and those who aided my seizure of power.  Eighty-six Federation member worlds have elected new representatives on the Federation council, and a new President has been elected and will be announced shortly.  As my job here is complete, I am keeping my word and returning power to the rightful ruling body of the Federation.  I am also resigning my Starfleet commission, effective immediately.

* The screen clicks off. *