Subject:Cardassian Statement

*** The screen flickers on, and a view of a battle-bridge of a Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser can be seen. Dim and scarcely lit, it predominates with even military decor, interrupted only by the few terminals on the far wall, that bear the colorful rectangles and circles of the displays. In full view, right in front of the screen, sits a youthful Cardassian officer dressed in the military uniform of Madrasad. His glassine eyes and straight mouth bear only touches of the usual arrogance and amused cynicism of the race. He is stern, composed and deadly practical. ***

"I am Gul Selvat of Cardassian Union. I speak to you on behalf of the Central Command. The people of Cardassia Prime and our territories have suffered enough in the recent months, attacked blatantly by the forces of the Federation, which made continual advances into our territory, despite us making no thrusts into its space. It's qualms? The Agraia system and the ressurgence of the New Cardassia.

"Today, we hear the calls of the Klingon Empire to sit at the table with our enemies and to negotiate peace. We are asked to put the deaths we suffered aside, in order to reach a compromise with people whose government was treacherous and misguided. But unlike the Klingons, we are not so eager for peace. The suffering, the losses and the countless attacks of the Federation, which started this war, have left many wounds and stains on the Union.

"Also, unlike the Klingons, the Cardassian Union is not so forgiving for the apparent 'mistakes' of the Federation previous government. One is accountable for his actions, and cultures and races are accountable for its deeds. To blame it all on a handful of those who sat in comfortable offices behind the front lines is a matter of convenience.

"The peace table was always open, yet the Federation has not taken the initiative to sit at it. Instead, wave after wave intruded onto our territories." Glancing defiantly at the camera, Selvat suddenly produces his left hand, in which a datapad is located. Pressing a button, he allows text on it to scroll down... lines and lines of seemingly never ending notes. "I hold here in my hand all the damages done to Cardassian Union in this war. They are only the financial and economical damages, but I am taking this list to the meeting in Sol. Yes, the Cardassian Union will sit at the table of so called peace. We will be there. But we come as the wronged, and the ones seeking justice."

*** Lowering his hand, the Cardassian officer stares into the camera for only as long as it takes him to turn the transmission off, not wasting any time for unnecessary posturing. In a second, the screen goes black. ***