Subject:The Wrath of Kadj

*A medium built Ferengi, wearing a course brown robe stands before the camera,   The hood of the robe is thrown back, revealing larger than usual lobes, that are a mottled orange color.  The Ferengi bows deeply to the camera.*

Greetings to All,
My name is Limpha ... I am an Achree of Kadj.  *He takes a breath, looking at the floor for a moment before staring back at the camera, his expression quite neutral.*
It has been quite some time since I have spoken to the beings of this sector, and my heart is saddened by the change that has taken place ... the darkness that the Evil One has placed in many beings souls.
*The Ferengi takes another breath then his face becomes quite serious.*
I find it hard to believe that the beings of this sector have been so overcome by the evil one that they do not realize when they are doing harm to others.  That they do not see the damage that they do to others lives.  
I do not mean just the warriors and soldier, but the beings in the goverments, giving orders ... they are as much, or more responsible for these ... sins against Kadj ... and sins against all Intelligence ...
*He takes another deep breath*
I do not claim to know all that is going on in this sector, but even in my secluded dwelling places, I cannot help but see what is going on through this sector.  I cannot help but be saddened by it.
*Another breath and his face becomes less serious, but still sober*
As a Speaker for Kadj, I ask each being in this sector, to show mercy to those beings around them.  Seek peace whenever possible.  Forgive wrongs and tresspasses ... and if you are asked ... correct wrongs or tresspasses that you have committed.
*He places his hands behind his back in a more relaxed manner, but still quite serious.*
If this does not happen, there will not be some powerful force that will come, the Breen, nor the Hive will come and sweep this sector clean.  No.  You yourselves shall do it.  Each goverment shall take part in their own destruction, and in the destruction of the others.
This is the promise that Kadj gives to you.
*The ferengi bows to the camera, the screen clears and the following words appear on the screen.*
Limpher 5:11 For I know that such will sorrow for the destruction of this people; they will sorrow that this people had not repented that they might have been clasped in the arms of Nk'ranm.