Subject:GNN snipit


Qo'noS (GP)  There are a few rumors floating around the capital city of Qo'noS today dealing with the Klingon War Tribunal, which due to the Klingon's warlike nature, has been convened for the last 100 years.  The tribunal ended their session today, and word is they have indited several members of the Federation and Dominion high command for war crimes against the Empire.  

There are supposedly several names on the list.  Those rumored to have made the Klingon's 'Most Wanted' list are President Rothman, who's body now joins his head as being in demand by the Klingon High Command.  The Federation Fleet Admiral is also rumored to be on the list.  On a surprising note, the USS Hood, a Federation starship has become the first vessel to make a Klingon warcrimes list.  The Hood, was the Federation vessel which accompanied the Dominion fleet at the battle of Betazed.

Until the tribunal releases the list, we are operating on rumor only.  One can only speculate what effect, if any, this will have on upcoming peace talks.  Will this be part of Klingon demands, or is there mere posturing by the Empire.  Time will only tell.