Subject:Klingon Statement

** The emblem of the Klingon Empire appears on the screen.  After a few moments it is replaced by the view of a Klingon battlecruiser's bridge.  The Chancellor of the Empire comes into view, he wastes no time as he begins to speak.

"Federation, news of the arrest of members of your High Command has reached the war front.  A state of rebellion and mass chaos in the Federation would make it an excellent chance to strike at the heart of the Federation."  The Chancellor shakes his head, "But it would appear that a few of our demands have been met.  Our enemies are not the children of the Federation, but those who have corrupted it, and sent it spiraling downwards."

"Federation," The Chancellor says after a brief pause, "This war has gone on too long, has grown too complicated, and two many lives on both sides have been lost for us to simply end it and reinstate the Treaty of E'gok."

"The Cardassians are also an equation in this formula.  Would you have us cease our war effort and leave the Cardassians out there alone?"  He shakes his head, "We need  No, we demand insurances that this 'disease' that plagued your high command does not flare up the moment we leave your space."

The Chancellor leans a tad closer to the camera, his eyes narrowing down to mere slits as he really focuses on the camera, "This is what I propose Federation.  If the Cardassians agree, we will call an immediate cease-fire for two days while you consider this offer.  Leaders from our Empire and New Cardassia will arrive at Earth with a small peace keeping force for protection from any possible tricks.  Leaders from our three empires will attempt to iron out a peace treaty.  Concessions will have to be made, as the economy of the Klingon Empire has been severely strained from Star Fleet sponsored terrorist raids on our shipping.  If you do not agree to this arrangement, before the end of the cease-fire, we will take this as an assumption that you truly do not desire peace."

"The two day cease fire will begin the moment after the Cardassians agree to this plan, assuming they do.  In the interest of peace, I would hope that they do."

** The Chancellor ends his statement there and slightly nods to the camera, which snaps off and is replaced by the emblem of the Klingon Empire.