Subject:Federation Statement

** The screen clicks on to the Federation emblem, then switches to show a male Vulcan in a Starfleet Admiral's uniform sitting at an oak desk.  The Federation emblem is visible on the wall behind him.  His face betrays no emotion. *

Citizens of the Federation, it is most unfortunate that I must address you under these circumstances, but I am certain that you would prefer my presence at this desk to that of a Klingon.  I am Admiral Murok, chief of Starfleet intelligence and leader of the Federation interim government.  I am addressing you tonight to explain why I and several other Starfleet officers felt it necessary that we immediately assume control of the government, and what our intentions for the future of the Federation are.

Over the course of the past few months, the leadership of the Federation and of Starfleet have taken the inexplicable course of action of allying the Federation with the Galactic Dominion, a regime which had in the past infiltrated the Federation government and assassinated the Federation Security Advisor, and which the Federation had entered into a pact with the Romulan Empire to defend against.  They did this in defiance of our allies in the Klingon Empire, and continued to resupply and shelter the Dominion forces while the Dominion assasinated a high-level official in the Empire and began attacking Klingon shipping in the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone.  The Federation's leaders maintained their aid to the Dominion even at the cost of plunging the Federation into a two-front war, and at the cost of our alliance with the Romulan Empire, leaving the Federation to stand alone in the galaxy with no allies and on the path to destruction.

Once the Federation's own citizens felt they had no recourse other than to rebel against their own governments, we came to the decision that if we did not act now, it would likely not be possible to save the Federation from a civil war and its certain demise.  Myself, Captain Jacobs of the USS Aurora, and twelve other Starfleet officers took control of Federation headquarters at 18:00 hours today, arresting President Rothman and Federation Council Chairman Behnu, and then proceeding to Spacedock to arrest Fleet Admiral Gage and five others accused of giving aid and comfort to the Galactic Dominion.  Those arrested were taken peacefully and have not been harmed.  They are charged with high treason, and will stand trial shortly for their crimes against the Federation.

We consider it highly likely that those arrested are either changelings or are agents of the Dominion, as we have no other explanation for their attempts to sacrifice the Federation to save the Galactic Dominion's forces.  Let the Dominion know that we have thwarted their attempt to destroy the Federation, and that the Federation will no longer unwillingly harbor them.  To the Klingon Empire, the Federation issues a formal apology for the actions taken by its former leaders in support of the Dominion, and to the Romulan Empire, we apologize as well.  My interim government wishes to open immediate talks with both empires with the hopes of reestablishing peaceful diplomatic relations.  To the Federation citizens who have taken up arms, the Federation offers amnesty to all those who will turn in their weapons and return control of their planets to their rightful governments.  To the Starfleet officers who have joined these rebellions, we offer the same pledge of amnesty to those who return to duty and will swear allegiance to the Federation.

As for the future, I intend to return control of the Federation to the people, to whom the power rightfully belongs.  All Federation member worlds will hold an election for their Federation Council member in one standard week, and the new Federation Council will convene one standard week later, and at that time elect a new Chairman and a new President.  Once the new President has been sworn in, I and those who participated in this seizure of power will surrender ourselves to the new authorities.

Good night.

** The display changes to show the Federation emblem, then clicks off. **