Subject:Starfleet leadership arrested, charged with treason

*** Federation in Crisis: Continuing Coverage ***

This is Roger McDonald from GNN Headquarters.  Communications with Earth are still out, but one of our Earth correspondants was able to get off the planet and beyond the communications jamming in the Sol system, and filed this report:

This is Michael De La Cruz, GNN Earth bureau, reporting from just beyond the Sol system.  With internal communications on Earth shut down, it is difficult to get information, but some of my sources, at great personal risk to themselves, contacted me with the news that most of Starfleet Command has been arrested, including newly appointed Fleet Admiral Roberta Gage, and charged with high treason by the authority of the current de facto Federation government.  Just hours ago, I was informed, a number of Starfleet security officers under the command of an unnamed Starfleet admiral seized control of Spacedock, arresting Gage and several others, and taking several lower-ranking officers in for questioning.  Federation Headquarters is still apparently in the hands of the leaders of the coup, and we have yet to receive a statement from them.

For GNN, I'm Michael De La Cruz.

Meanwhile, the Klingon advance continues.  It seems that the Klingons either have not confirmed, or do not care about the sudden change of Federation leadership.  Stay tuned to GNN for our continuing coverage of the Federation in Crisis.