Subject:GNN Report

The Reporter says, "This is GNN, and I'm Sera Lane reporting from Earth in front of UFP Headquarters.  By now all of you have heard of the tragic incident involving the destruction of Kiev but what many of us haven't heard are answers.  I went on the hunt for answers earlier and the results were, unusual to say the least."

*The camera pans out a bit*

Sera says, "The first person I interviewed was a Starfleet Lieutenant.  When asked how a doctor could have gained access to sensitive tactical systems on Spacedock and had the authority to fire on what Starfleet claims to have been an 'unknown anomaly'  Lieutenant Pitrick Cyberium avoided the question entirely, instead opting to answer only part of the question asked."

*The screen changes to show a clip of Pitrick Cyberium standing in Starfleet Headquarters.   The voice of Sera Lane is heard*

Sera Lane asks, "What about the accusations that Starfleet has lost control of their chain of command?  How exactly did this doctor get a hold of tactical instruments that caused the death of hundreds of people?"

'Lieutenant J.G. Pitrick Cyberium glances at the reporter, "Well, I believe those accusations are false, I have been in Starfleet for a while now, and have seen no evidence whatsoever that they have lost their 'chain of command'."

*The screen goes back to Sera in front of UFP Headquarters on Earth*

Sera looks into the camera, "Lieutenant Cyberium declined to comment on the destruction of a Starfleet vessel by an enemy force, and would not cooperate further in any questions about the destruction of Kiev.  My quest to get to the bottom of this led me to the path of Admiral Robert L. Croix, a long time Starfleet officer.  Unfortunately I found the bottom to be much deeper than suspected.  While the Admiral was somewhat cooperative the answers to my questions were carefully stepped upon and worked around to provide as much of a statement without actually giving an answer."

*The screen once again goes to a shot of Admiral Croix against the backdrop of an Operations Center of some sort*

        Investigative Reporter Sera moves quickly toward the man, "Investigative Reporter Sera Lane.  What are your comments on the destruction of Kiev?"
A male UFP Admiral says, "It was a tragic accident."
Investigative Reporter Sera asks, "How do you justify the fact that a low level doctor was at the tactical controls of Spacedock?"
A male UFP Admiral says, "He was both a doctor and a Fleet Officer. He was authorized to be there."
Investigative Reporter Sera nods, pushing some buttons on her PADD, "Then how do you explain his "miss" of this unknown anomaly?  Should the people be concerned about this?  What if someone "misses" again and destroys UFP Headquarters or Starfleet academy?  It could set the Federation back to a point that would leave us vulnerable to attack from a wealth of enemies."
Admiral Croix says, "That will not happen...can I call you Sera? We will learn by this tragic event and will take steps to prevent it from happening again...How it could happen we are still investagating. It could have been human error or it could have been mechanical error. We will find out."
Investigative Reporter Sera pushes some more buttons on her PADD, "One more question Admiral Croix. There are some that would bring up the question "Why weren't we protected from this catastrophe?  Why weren't precautions taken before such an event occured?"

        Admiral Robert Croix says, "What precautions would you take? Earth has no shielding. It depends on Spacedock for it's protection. Perhaps more frequent inspections of equipment if that is found to be the cause. If it was human error, better training. We will take whatever steps are justified to prevent this from happening again."

*The camera turns back to Sera in front of UFP Headquarters*

Sera says, "And then things started to get interesting.  While finishing up my converation with Admiral Croix, A UFP Commodore left the brigs and proceeded out of the Operations Center.  I promptly tracked him down to the Medical Complex where I questioned him on a few things."

*The screen flickers to the Medical Headquarters in UFP HQ*

The Medical Headquarters [Earth]
You enter the quiet area that is Starfleet Medical. The large symbol of this department is 'emblazoned upon the far wall, and the hallway leads to the rest of the department.
A male UFP Commodore is here.
Obvious exits: [ Exit <o> | Sickbay <sb> | Medical Office <mo> ]

A male UFP Commodore nods to you.

Investigative Reporter Sera moves through the Exit, "Commodore!" She calls out, "Who is the Commander of Spacedock?  May I speak with the doctor who fired on earth?"

A male UFP Commodore raises a brow.  "I beg your pardon?" He drapes his hands behind his back and looks at Sera.

Investigative Reporter Sera heads up to the Commodore, "Reporter Sera Lane." She identifies herself, "I'd like to speak with the Doctor who inadvertently fired on Earth."

A male UFP Commodore angles his head back slightly as he hears you identify yourself.  "I'm afraid I don't know where he is at the moment." He presses the door chime on Medical office.

Investigative Reporter Sera blinks a bit, writing something on her PADD, "And what of the Commander of Spacedock?  Who is it currently?"

A male UFP Commodore smiles.  Politely.  "Seeing as the matter you are inquiring about is still under investigation, I'm not sure how much information would be prudent to divulge." He presses the door chime on Medical office.

Investigative Reporter Sera frowns slightly, "Did the Commander have anything to do with the incident?  And may I ask your name for the record?"

A male UFP Commodore says, "As far as I can tell you, Spacedock's Commander was not responsible for any of the deplorable incidents last night."

A male UFP Commodore answers flatly, clearly not thrilled.  "I'm Commodore Eric Ganrich, CO USS Normandy." He rings the doorchime again, looking puzzled at the door.

Investigative Reporter Sera nods pushing some more buttons on her PADD, "Then why is it you cannot divulge the name of the Commander of Spacedock?  Could I not find out such a thing by going through official records?"

Commodore Eric Ganrich sighs.  "I suppose.  Her name is Ty'Ransu."

Commodore Eric Ganrich says, "I assure you, Starfleet is not seeking action against her regarding the incident you are talking about."

Investigative Reporter Sera nods once and smiles, "Thankyou Commodore, this has been very informative."

Commodore Eric Ganrich nods and smiles, once again, politely.  "You're welcome."

*The camera once again returns to Sera Lane in front of UFP Headquarters*

Sera says toward the camera, "So why is it that a UFP Commodore doesn't know where the person responsible for this horrible incident is?  Is it perhaps because they wish to deny the public the right to know the truth, or is it because Starfleet Command is slipping in their steps?  It's a scary question but one that has to be asked.  Why haven't we seen an official press release of the incident?  Sources say that this is only one of several recent incidents that Starfleet has been involved with and I have yet to see a press conference on the issue.  Is it possible that Starfleet is becoming a dark organization, withholding information from the public in an attempt to control their popularity?  Questions all of us should be asking."  She smiles and nods, "This is Sera Lane, GNN; Earth."