Subject:Presidential Address

* The Seal of the United Federation of Planets appears on the screen, soon to be followed by the image of President Rothman, standing behind the press podium *

"Members of the assembled press, I have called this meeting for two very important reasons.  Due to the nature of these reasons, I will waste no time with pleasantries.

* Rothman looks directly into the cameras *

"To the Klingon and Romulans Empires:  I have taken your 'advice'.  The Dominion has been expelled from our space and forbidden from reentering our borders.  But do not mistake my actions as those of weakness.  The Federation will long remember the threats you both have made against our sovereignty.  I have done this for the sake of my people.  It has become quite obvious that the Federation as a whole is not ready for peace with the Dominion.  

"Chancellor M'erc, I call on you to act as the honorable warrior you claim to be.  We asked for peace and you demanded that we cast away the Dominion.  Your terms have been met, for whatever reason, and now we wait to see if you will uphold your word.  The Federation asks for the restoration of the Treaty of E'Gok and an immediate end to hostilities.

* Rothman now lowers his head, visibly sighing before looking out at the crowd of reporters *

"I have but one thing left to say.  It appears that the Federation is not prepared for the vision I have set in my mind.  My fellow citizens are truly not ready to live in a world without hatred and distrust.  And so I hereby resign as President of the United Federation of Planets and call for general elections to take place as soon as possible.  To those who have supported me, I give you my thanks.  To those who have worked against me in every way possible..I leave you the Federation.  She is no longer what I knew her to be."

* With that Rothman steps down from the podium, ignoring the barrage of questioning from the press. *