Subject:The End of the Dominion?

*** GNN Special Report ***

Early this morning, GNN received a request from the Dominion to transmit an announcement. Fearing a trap, GNN initially refused, until other sources revealed that the infamous Errant Lord, acompanied by its battle group, had set a course for Qonos.

The scene cuts to an external view of a long, spaceship-gray object travelling at high warp. In the peripheral view of the camera are several other smaller ships, including several Jem'Hadar fighters recently witnessed in several attacks on Klingon and Cardassian invasion forces.

The footage is replaced by a solemn-looking Vulcan, recognizeable as the Founder, Poietes. He is standing on the bridge of the Errant Lord, surrounded by a bustling crowd of Jem'Hadar, each working swiftly at a station. There is an atmosphere of subdued resignation, even with the Jem'Hadar. "To the denizens of the Alpha Quadrant," he begins quietly, "Today, the Dominion -- as you know it -- is no more. All of our ships have left Federation Space, for we shall not be responsible for the ignorance of those rebels that truly believe that the Dominion has any interest in ruling the Federation. No," his expression tightens noticably, out of bitterness, "You have revealed your hypocrisy in your so-called doctrine of equality and peaceful co-existence. And so we turn to those people we once called friends, those people who, though once were our brothers, came in the darkness of night to butcher us, who foolishly -- and for the last time -- trusted any solids. We go now to our deaths," he forces a weak, wan smile, "But to Chancellor M'erc, we make you this promise: Though today no-one will stand in our name, tomorrow we will need no-one. The Dominion is not dead; it is not even beaten. And when we return, you and every last one of your people will be obliterated to a man."

Poietes' image disappears, replaced by another external view, which zooms out. What happens next only takes a couple minutes, but it seems to last an eternity. The Dominion Battle Group becomes indistinctive, mixed in with several Klingon fleets that have arrived. From the distance at which the GNN ship is able to safely observe, specific details are difficult to discern; there are several explosions, the now-familiar impact of Quantum torpedoes tearing large chunks out of the mighty Klingon hulls. Finally, there is a massive detonation, and a brilliant display of light whcih engulfs the screen, followed by an eerie silence. The reporter's voice breaks in, his tone an awed whisper: "There are no apparent survivors," he murmurs, "No escape pods, and ... no sign of Dominion forces."

Rumors abound as to what spurred the departure of the Dominion from the Federation. Sources close to the Federation Defense Council report that the Chairman Behnu, who had been partly responsible for granting asylum to the refugees from Stronghold, had a disagreement with the Founder, Vail, that resulted in a heated argument in which several accusations were made. The Dominion fleet left Spacedock in a matter of hours thereafter.