Subject:Open Revolt on Salkon III

** The view opens to an airbourne view of the planet. The largest city on the planet is centered in the display. As the altitude of the camera becomes lower, the combatants come into view. It's obvious that some Starfleet officers are shooting at their former comrades, having taken sides with the rebels. The Federation appears to be simply trying to hold the spaceport while they evacuate. **

GNN has just been informed that yet another Federation world, Salkon III, is in open revolt. What makes the Salkon III situation different from the others is the open defection of some Starfleet troops to the rebel side. GNN has received reports that when ordered to fire on civilians, fully 40% of the troops defected, and that some units found the orders so offensive that they shot their commanding officers before joining the other side.

Salkon III is a small tropical world near the Klingon-Federation border with nearly twenty million inhabitants of all Federation races. First founded in---

** The view changes to an orbital view, shot from some independent camera bot. It pans from the planet, across the orbital space station, and out into space. A Klingon battle fleet decloaks in the distance and makes an attack run towards the planet. A wing of B'rel class scouts break off from the main battle group and scout ahead, taking shots at the station as they pass by. The station fires on the ships, destroying three of them during the attack run. Two Vor'cha class battlecruisers follow not far behind, and the station concentrates fire on one of them, severely damaging it. The Vor'chas fire half a dozen torpedos into the station, following it up with disruptor fire as the B'rels come around for another pass with their disruptors. The station, already venting plasma, loses attitude control and begins a slow spin, which is altered with every hit of a weapon. Within a minute, the station begins launching escape pods. The Klingons break off their attack, probably intending to keep the station for later.

** The transmission is lost as a disruptor pulse from a B'rel strikes the camera head-on. **