Subject:Rumors from the KE/UFP border.

*** GNN special report ***

A reporter speaks into the camera, looking down from time to time to a PADD in his hand. "Rumors of all sorts are coming from the borders between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of planets.  We have intercepted various conversations from planets in Federation space near the Klingon border."  He looks up from his PADD, "Please remember these are not confirmed reports but mere rumors at this time."  

He continues, "It appears that several Federation colonies along the Klingon/Federation border, and other colonies farther inwards have been offered non-aggression treaties from the Klingon Empire.  It seems if the colonies renounce the current corrupt government in the Federation, their planets will not be bombarded or invaded."

He looks down at his PADD again, and continues, "Other rumors we are hearing from the border is that the Federation high command is full of changelings and spies.  They are saying that Rothman and Fleet Admiral Gage are also changelings and determined to lead the Federation to its demise."  The reporter shakes his head, "One can almost be certain that a lot of the rumors going around have been created by Klingon propaganda and the general fear of Federation citizens during this crisis."

"We can be sure of one thing though.  If the Klingons /are/ offering peace to Federation colonies one could assume they are trying to make an easy path to Earth.  If they take the Klingons up on their offer, look for more panic and riots on inner Federation colonies."

"We will bring you more information as it arrives."

*** End GNN special report **