Subject:Open Revolt on Valkath VII; Mass casualties


** The view opens to a scene strikingly similar to what was previously shown from Karaya IV. Phaser fire flies across the screen, striking rebel troops in the distance. Nearer to the camera, groans and muffled screams are heard as rebel phaser fire impacts Federation security personnel. A young engisn who looks like he is still in his teens pops his phaser up aboev his cover position and fires a continuous stream of pulse charges into the rebel positions, which are not more than two hundred yards down the street. Both rebel and Federation troops can be seen engaging in building-to-building fighting. A Federation phaser beam strikes a power converter in the distance, resulting in a massive explosion. The lights in the colony go out, and all that can be seen are the occasional shadows of troops and the continuous fire of phaser beams and pulse charges. **


GNN has been informed that some of the Federation forces have surrendered to planetary military units, and that most rebel units have fought to their ends. As one rebel was quoted as saying, "If the Federation keeps this up, we'll all be dead anyway! I'd rather go down fighting than be killed in orbital bombardament from the Klingons, Cardassians, or even the Jem'Hadar!"

Neither side seems to have the upper hand at this time. The rebel forces, which on the planet of over ten million inhabitants seems to number near the hundreds of thousands, are not equipped as well as the Federation troops. That and the fact that a Starfleet military base and training facility were housed here seem to be the only things which are keeping the Federation troops from being overrun. Clearly, the rebels have seriously outnumbered the Starfleet troops.

We'll be back in a moment. Stay tuned to GNN for further updates and breaking news as it becomes available.

** The visual changes to a logo and the words "Federation Burning" appear on the screen. A brief snip of theme music is a variant of the Klingon Fleet Theme. In the backdrop of the screen is a short visual from several recent space battles, where Klingon, Dominion, Federation, and Cardassian ships fight it out. **

** The view changes to a Ferengi advertisement for a weapons dealer. **