Subject:Open Revolt on Karaya IV; Starfleet Forces Withdraw


** The camera is blurry at first, but soon comes into focus as several pulses of phaser energy fly across the screen.  The camera view quickly drops as the cameraman dives for cover.  At the top of your screen, you see a pulsating red beam streak across, and you hear a muffled groan as someone is hit. The camera peers up again above a hedge, and you see a housing subdivision that has become a battlefield.  Hovercars lie burning along the sides of the street as people in civilian clothing duck behind them for a moment before poking out a phaser or disruptor rifle and laying down cover fire.  One man stands up near the camera and fires a long burst of energy pulses from his modified phaser rifle, spraying the street.  Starfleet officers dive to the ground, but two are hit before they can react, their bodies exploding into flame as they fly backwards, screaming.  **

These horrific pictures, ladies and gentlemen, are from the Federation colony on Karaya IV.  A mass demonstration in the capital city of New Albuquerque turned violent when citizens with illegal weapons began firing on Starfleet security officers who were attempting to disperse the crowd.  Hundreds of civilians were killed or wounded in the initial firefight, and an armed revolt has since broken out as citizens have grabbed weapons and begun engaging in open combat with Starfleet forces.  We talked to one of these revolting civilians, a Mr. Timothy C. June.

"Mr. June, why are you fighting Starfleet?"

"These Starfleet maggots have turned the Federation into nothing but an oppressive, communistic police state.  They can't fight a war to save their lives.  Don't believe me?  Watch this!"

Mr. June pokes his head and gun out for a moment to lay down suppresive fire.  A redshirt is too slow to react to the pulsed beam, and takes a hit to his head, which explodes, showering brains all over the street.  Mr. June then fires a continuous beam in a different direction, and 5 Starfleet security troops too busy retreating to watch where they're going are sliced in half.

"Gotta run!"

Mr. June fires another spray of pulsed energy down and across the street, then makes a dash for the other side, ducking behind a burned-out hovercar.

We are being told now that the planetary government has been overthrown by the revolting civilians, and that the planet's new military leaders are demanding that Starfleet forces withdraw from the planet.  The Starfleet garrison has also fallen to the marauding rebels. ** The screen displays smouldering wreckage of a building, and a half-melted sign bearing the Starfleet insignia lying on the ground. **  Reports are at this hour that Starfleet troops have fallen back and are preparing to evacuate from the planet, having taken heavy losses in the urban warfare.  There is no word from Starfleet Command or the Federation Government at this time as to whether Starfleet intends to retake the planet and return its rightful government.

There can be no mistake: The Federation is burning.  ** The screen shows an overhead shot of New Albuquerque.  Every fourth building is on fire, and several massive fireballs erupt during the short video clip.  **  More than a hundred Federation worlds are now in various stages of unrest, with their populations demanding that the current Federation leadership step down and that the Dominion forces be cast out.