Subject:The Tholians Arrive


GNN was privileged today to finally receive a few images, obtained through anonymous sources, of the departure of the tachyon aliens and the coming of something beyond their rift -- an occurrence of two days past. As you shall see, what we will reveal today is an event that much of the galaxy has been both waiting for in anticipation and utter fear. It is a day to experience wonder and awe as well as great suspicion.

*The view suddenly cuts to show the rift, one Romulan Warbird off to the side of it as well as one Federation Constellation class, the portal itself massive as if rivaling the size of a small moon. The aliens, which appear more as two gaseous balls of white vapor move into the dimensional tear only to vanish -- then for a few moments all remains still, suddenly emerging from the rift comes at first one massive vessel. Matching the description of the Tholian Battleship shown not more than a few days ago with its appearance about Vulcan, it now moves gradually forward only to be accompanied by hundreds of thousands of ships -- each varying in size from titanics to shuttle-like. Forward they fly, a swarm of starships which move as if sleek, sparkling, gems cast into the empty void of space. Glowing, they offer no widows to their audience, just the beauty of their shimmering light.*

The Tholian exodus has finally occurred it would seem. What our experts can gather from this incident is that they took advantage of the huge rift formed by the two aliens only to push forth their full fleet and transport trillions of their citizens back into our universe. It is known to us that following their appearance there was a short exchange of cold words between the apparently equally startled Tholians and Romulans. The Federation, however, did greet the odd aliens in their voyage to return home. Shortly after the full entrance of all the Tholians ships, they set course for Tholian space silently only to have entered it some time ago.

GNN has also retrieved a psionic message sent to the universe. We feel it is our responsibility to play it for all to hear, as we have done in the past. Please stand by...

*A metallic sounding voice replaces the reporters over the airwaves, speaking in a calm and yet icy and detached manner it states:*

"We are the Tholians. Our exodus is complete. We have entered once more our home universe, reclaiming the space that is rightfully ours -- and repopulating it in droves. We acknowledge those of your empires who welcome our return. Furthermore, we have assumed it necessary to once more reiterate the stern rules of our territory for all to understand. The Assemblys space is not to be entered at any time by anyone outside of the Assembly. Punishment for violating this protocol is death.  There will be no exceptions. You have been warned. Leniency shall not be shown."

As you can see, the Tholians are back to their old xenophobic selves. Massive fleet build ups have been detected along their border, which appears to be heavily patrolled by a variety of ships.

This has been a GNN announcement, we will continue to do our service and keep you updated as new news comes in. Thank you.