Subject:Klingon statment

The symbol of the Klingon Empire flashes on the screen.  A moment later it is replaced by the image of a room on what appears to be a Klingon warship.  There is a viewport in the background and you can see out into space.  You can see a commerce station, which would appear to be Hellesport, from time to time a Klingon scout ship zips in and out of view.

The Chancellor of the Klingon Empire walks into view.  He walks with a slight limp as he approaches and faces the camera.  There are a few cuts on his face, which look like they have found a good home with the older scars already in place.  He looks at the screen and begins to speak.

"The other night we sent an expedition into Federation space.  It was a much smaller force then what we can muster, but it was our plan to test the resolve of our neighboring children."  He pauses for a moment, gathering his thoughts and continues, "The children of the Federation put up a strong fight after they changed their soiled uniforms and finally got up the nerve to confront us."  He smiles, sharp, crocked teeth giving off a yellowish glow.  "It is indeed unfortunate that you had to sell your souls to the Dominion in order to obtain a small victory.  The same Dominion that you tried your hardest to convince us to get rid of them when they came to us many months ago."

His eyes glare straight ahead as he continues, "Your constant change of position on just about every subject in the galaxy is both reckless and dangerous.  You are already fighting a war with the Cardassian Union, and now you go and alienate the Romulans!  Your only friends are the sworn enemies of every other major power in the quadrant.  You stand alone, and you will fall alone!"

He pauses for another moment, "But," he begins, "I am but a simple warrior, and to make it easy for you children, I will give you two choices in this matter."  He grins, "Even those who wear the children's uniform of Starfleet should be able to pick one or the other.  You can remove the presence of the Dominion from your space, exile them from your borders like the space trash they are."  A brief pause, "Or, you can defend your precocious planet Earth from an invasion like you have never before experienced!"  The image cuts to a large Klingon fleet. "Your cities will burn, your people will die!  And who will your people be dying for?  For a corrupt government who sponsors the pirating of innocent merchant ships. A president who while in power has had war with the Cardassians, the Klingons, and now alienated themselves from the Romulans."  M'erc shakes his head, "We can smell blood Federation, and your upcoming actions will determine how much of your blood we spill."

The screen goes blank