Subject:Call for Peace

* The Seal of the United Federation of Planets, which seems to be showing up more and more these days, is displayed briefly before the screen fades into a shot of the Presidential podium.  Behind said podium is.....President Rothman. *

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have but one statement to make, and there will be no questions taken afterwards.  So ask you to remain silent for just a moment."

* Rothman stares directly into the cameras. *

"Chancellor M'erc, we offered you peace and you brought us war.  We honored your borders and you violated ours.  Your invasion was utterly decimated by our forces, with assistance from our Dominion allies, but we too lost many lives due to your assault of Betazed.  For all these dishonors you have brought against us, I still ask you for peace.  The Federation will make no move into Klingon space.  Your planets will not fall victim to our fleets.  In return we ask one thing:  that you reenter the Treaty of E'Gok and let peace come between us."

* Rothman sighs visibly, then turns and steps down from the podium. *