Subject:A Message From The Rihannsu Star Empire

An announcement that the Rihannsu Star Empire is about to give a formal statement is heard, and people slowly gather in front of the screens at their local news distribution centers. The view goes blank, and when it lights up again, it is flooded with emerald light and this symbol:

                      \                               /
             __         \_______             _______/         __
             \ `----._____.-`   `-----------'   '-._____.----' /
              `._/  /        \_       \       _/        \  \_.'
                  \_  |  |  \  `._ \_____/ _.'  /  |  |  _/
                    \/_  |  | /   `.\   /.'   \ |  |  _\/
                       \/__/_/ /ww\ (` ') /ww\ \_\__\/
                          .--' \__/  \ /  \__/ `--.
                           \/  /`|    |)   |'\  \/
                             \/_/  |  /  |  \_\/
                                 \/_/ | \_\/
                                  \ `-|-' /
                                   \     /
                                    \   /
                                     \ /

The logo figures on the screen for some time, as if to enforce the rare fact of seeing it there. The Rihannsu rarely speak to the galaxy, and when they do, matters of extreme importance are the cause.

Finally, the Seal of RSE gives way to a bust of a fairly young Rihannsu female, dressed in formal robes of seiHehllirh, the Rihannsu Government known as Tricameron. Her hair is cut in a v-shaped military style, her ears slightly pointed, her features chiseled, eyebrows bushy and stare cynical and self-assured. When she speaks, it is with a melodic voice, full of aspirations so common to the Rihannsu tongue, that the setting on the universal translator above her is programmed not to filter.

"Vaed'rae! It is with uttermost duty that I bring you this message from the Rihannsu High Command. Some time ago, the Empire has signed an act of alliance with lloann'mhrahel, known to aliens as Federation. The details of the alliance will remain classified, but may be disclosed if need be, when time comes. Recently, the Empire has learned and acquired proof that the lloann'mhrahel has violated this alliance in several ways.

"In a show of good faith, as it is expected between allies, the High Command has contacted the Starfleet Command, wishing an explanation and possible reversal of this violation. Time has passed. The Empire has received no reply, no word, no deed, and not confirmation of any good will.

"It is the foolishness of the Federation and the pride of its command that has allowed the Rihannsu Star Empire to be ignored. It is a mark of conniving and treacherous race that signs alliances only to break them along the very points they were signed on. It is a matter that tinges not only on Honor and intergalactic prosperity, but almost on the Rihannsu Ruling Passion - mnhei'sahe.

"Let it be known that the United Federation of Planets has violated an agreement signed between our people, and that it has ignored the Rihannsu inquiry into the matter, while perpetrating the cause of the rift on daily basis. The Empire will not be taken for granted. The Empire will not be lied to and backstabbed. The Empire will not be ignored. For those who ignore the Rihannsu, no hate will be sufficient.

"The alliance between the Rihannsu Star Empire and the lloann'mhrahel is officially over. Our two cultures are rifted by mistrust and deeds that will never be forgotten. Let the voices of those houses within the Empire that predicted this fateful day shout with passion. Our hearts go to the Cardassian people and their struggle."

With that, the attractive female stares into the viewscreen for some time, till her form finally fades away. A pause follows, and then other news are brought, with reports of Rihannsu communication routes going mute, and an uneasy silence from the Two Worlds.