Subject:Meeting in the Neutral Zone

An astonishing occurrance has happened today. The United Federation of Planets and the Rihannsu Star Empire have both met in the Neutral Zone... each side towing an older model of their spaceship to this site. It was reported that both towed vessels, USS Xerxes and ChR Arreva Vrida'che have been recently recovered near this spot after missing for 3 years. No survivors were detected on the vessels.

During research, much of it threatening, both sides concluded that there is some entity that has inhabited each ship. The entities wished only one thing - to join again - and have used subterfuge, blackmail, and a variety of peaceful and aggressive measures to accomplish this goal. Both organizations have finally complied. That the UFP would help another entity, no matter how misguided, is no surprise. But what was in this for the RSE? Perhaps their hearts are not as closed to pleas of help as one may imagine...

During the meeting, the ships were brought together, and a strong tachyon fleild suddenly errupted from them. Like giant beings of light, the two entities trapped in the vessels floated towards each other. Joining, they opened a dimensional rift, and parted from this galaxy with the words:

< Ops station: HAIL (1): To all beings of this dimension... you are an intriguing and breathtaking number of races. Your galaxy is filled with wonders that we cannot understand. You live in air and yet you bend energy to your own bidding. Tachyon fields frighten you. You fight wars, but without a cause. You love and betray each other in the same breath. You live and stop living... and your 'death' as you call it seems permanent to you. You go forward. You build. You have a past and a future. One day, we will come back. One day, when we can understand each other. It will be a glorious day. Till then... we must part. You saved our lives. >

Early studies indicate that the two entities were inter-dimentional travelers, that join together to form a dimentional rift as they explore dimentions. These two got stuck in our dimention and somehow grew sick... unable to join properly. Floating as a gasseous cloud, they attracted USS Xerxes and ChR Arriva Vrida'che three years ago, hoping to drain their power to help themselves. They failed, but the resulting struggle killed all aboard.

Found 3 years later, most likely after hovering in semi-dimentional state for all those years, the beings were already bound to their ships, and indistinguishable from the computer core, which they learned to manipulate. Both the Federation and the Rihannsu have separated them again, as they took their ships home. There, replenished, the beings had but one thing left to do - join together to shift home. This was finally accomplished today, as the two powers met in the Neutral Zone. No one knows what was lost on the ships after the entities left, as mysterious explosions rocked them and destroyed them. The instability of the leaving beings was apparently too much. But a lot may be learned about tachyon fields by both sides from analizing of this incident.

And only moments before that, the massive rift that has opened swallowed the two beings of light, as they went home. And then, something emmerged out of the rift...