Subject:Klingon Forces Seize Hellesport!


This is Roger McDonald, reporting from GNN headquarters.   Moments ago, we received word from ships in orbit of Hellesport that the Klingon Empire has borded the station and fought a bloody battle with station security, eventually overwhelming them and taking control of the station.  A number of Klingon ships are currently in station orbit, including their flagship, the Negh'var, which would lead us to believe that the Klingons vastly outnumbered the station's defenders.   Several of the Klingon ships in the system, fresh from the front lines, have docked and begun repairs using station facilities.  The station's defensive systems have also been powered up.

What do the Klingons want with this innocent little trading station?  Our experts tell us that Hellesport makes an excellent staging area for a push into Federation space, and that the Klingons are likely planning on using it for just that.