Subject:Response to Tholians

* The Seal of the United Federation of Planets disappears and is replaced with the image of Federation President Rothman, standing behind a podium. *

Members of the press.  Today I send a message to the Tholian Assembly.

* The President clears his throat. *

It is a message of condolence.  We are truly saddened by the loss of your Ambassador and his ship, even more so that it happened within our own borders.  Furthermore, I can assure you that the Federation is doing everything within its power to discovered the culprits behind this heinous act.  However, that will take time.

* Rothman shifts slightly. *

We are currently investigating the origins of the Galaxy-class vessel that attacked your vessel.  I can assure you that it was not one of Starfleets, and that other galactic power have been known to use our ship designs.  While I can not discuss such matters in public, as it would hamper the investigation, I invite the Tholians to send a magistrate of sorts to work with our people.  We will gladly share with you everything we have discovered, but in private.

* Rothman scans the crowd of reporters for a moment, gazing at them. *

Finally, I address those who committed this act of violence.  The Federation will not tolerate the slandering of its name.  When you are apprehended, I can assure you to punishment will be swift and just.

* Rothman steps down from the podium. *