Subject:Tholian Presence Felt with Awe


Although the Tholian civilization has yet to make an appearance in their expected mass exodus numbers, one massive ship did today display the full strength of their empire.

*The screen fills to show a captured image of a massive white-translucent ship, geometrically perfect in shape and about three to four times the largest Galaxy class or smallest Romulan Warbird, emerge from a blindingly bright blue rift and establish an orbit around Vulcan. It appears to almost be a single diamond in its central section, only to be surmounted by a series of ascending and descending terraces that climb upward as if the plateaus of some vast mountain.*

This Tholian Battleship was witnessed earlier today as it appeared through a transdimensional portal, silently moved and shadowed Vulcan, apparently scanned the crash-site of its lost Delegates vessel, and then departed. Sources present also claim that the Dominion vessel known as the Errant Lord did attempt to establish communication with the Tholian race but they could not be reached for comment on what exactly might have been exchanged between the two; knowing the Tholians, however, their comments were probably far from polite.

What exactly the Tholians response will be to the recent and unanswered murder of their Ambassador to our two quadrants is questionable, their people having always been a mystery, but our local political strategists have stated to us that the lack of a Federation statement on the issue has probably only worsened matters between the two empires.

In closing, those telepaths near the area have told GNN news that they felt an icy rush enter their forms as the massive dreadnought left orbit of Vulcan. One which they described as disgusted and displeased but oddly calm and thoughtful. What this could mean is anyones guess, yet with Starfleet fighting now two wars on two fronts, one thing is for sure. They cant afford another on a third.