Subject:Klingon forces bring shipping in KE-RSE neutral zone to a halt


Good afternoon.  This is Roger McDonald, reporting from the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone with a special report on the Klingon-Federation conflict.  Klingon forces have brought a complete halt to shipping in this region.  Federation authorities have ordered all UFP cargo vessels to steer clear of the area after a Klingon blocade was responsible for the destruction of at least 15 freighters.

* The screen cuts to a shot of a pack of 6 B'rel class scouts swarming over a Federation freighter, quickly disabling it with their phasers.  A Vor'cha class cruiser then looms into view and locks a tractor beam.   Moments later, the B'rels clear the area, and the Vor'cha class ship fires its powerful forward cannons, blasting the freighter into tiny bits. *

As you can see, the Klingons certainly mean business.  Federation forces have yet to make a show of force on the Klingon border, apparently due to their concentration on the other side of Federation space, along the Cardassian border.  This is a precarious situation for the Federation indeed.