From:The Dominion
Subject:An Ultimate Protest

A communication appears on every viewscreen and monitor capable of receiving it, its black background displaying in the foreground the emblem of the Dominion. Switching then it displays a broad gray desk with a small Vorta stationed behind it. Hands folded atop the desks counter, he has his head bowed and his shoulders thrust forward as if in a state of utter depression and woe. Those skillful of postures, however, will be able to read that this sadness is not for himself or for the Dominion himself, but for what he is soon to state and to whom he will make his address against.

Sighing, the Vorta raises up his chin, his emerald eyes peering deeply into the camera -- their depths filled with a solemn and gentle sadness which weeps more in quiet prospective than words could willing match. Citizens of the galaxy... he says softly, his voice raising slightly as the fluidity of his tongue begins to gather momentum in its soothing, but riled, speech. Nay! Citizens of the universe! We are a wounded people. We are appalled, offended, and enraged at these allegations brought against us by the barbery of the Klingon Empire. The Dominion has heard of your history with the Federation, of the forgiveness they offered you not more than a century ago, of your own foolishness in approaching them with the mind-set of war rather than peace almost two-hundred years ago when your two people first met. We know of your way, former friends of the Founders, and so do the two quadrants. Oh, woe to us, however! Oh ignorant us! For the Rihannsu warned us of your nature, for the Ferengi spoke against your arrogance, for the Federation shook their head at your follies! Now, what remains of your relations with any of these empires? What allies can you clasp in your talons and tear apart rather than in friendship carry to safety? None. No more, never again. The galaxy knows now of your ways, and your declaration of war against a people who wish only to preserve the integrity of this miraculous universe, who only wish to keep united in peaceful coexistence the fabric of all cultures shall not end in their misery. We, the Dominion, are of the Federations own mind-set and regardless of your faulty intelligence it is imperative for all within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to understand that. Thus, if any rally to the cause of our enlighten course and eye warily the slaughter of the unhonorable Klingon race, then speak of aid against a people who now fight two ruthless foes instead of one. It is your time people of the galaxy, it is your destiny.

Nodding his head, his chest having expanded as his lungs had filled with air for his speech, Jeyuol lets finally the din of his words fade with a ringing echo and closing his eyes -- a clear tear running down his cheek -- he lets the communication blip to black.