Subject:Klingon Statement

This is a Galactic Enquirer breaking news alert!  We take you to a live subspace communication from the Great Council Chamber on the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS.

The screen switches to the Council Chamber, which is lit with several torches.  The camera pans slightly and you can see the room is packed full of armed warriors.  It seems everybody is talking at once, but as the camera refocuses on the center of the room, the crowd falls silent as the Chancellor of the Empire, M'erc, walks into the area.

"Fellow klingons and citizens of the Galaxy," he starts, "The Klingon Empire once again has been turned on by one of our supposed 'allies'."  You can hear murmuring from the crowd, as well as several Klingon insults being thrown into the mix.

The Chancellor continues, "After removing the traitorous Dominion from our borders, it would appear that another former ally, the United Federation of Planets has now become an enemy of the Empire."  Shouts erupt from the room.  "Klingon intelligence has determined that the ships of the Dominion have full support from Star Fleet."  Cries for war and blood ring throughout the Great Hall as the Qang makes this statement.

The Chancellor growls as he goes on, "The Federation is supplying Dominion vessels with torpedoes as well as repairing their ships for them."

As the room fills with shouts and battle cries, the Chancellor makes a quick motion with his hand and the room falls silent.  He glares into the camera and speaks, "There can only be one answer to this outrage, "WAR!"  The room erupts!  "The Klingon Empire officially declares war against the United Federation of Planets.  Several Klingon fleets are already being mobilized to eradicate any Federation/Dominion vessels, first from the neutral zone, then we will push into Federation space."

There is a slight smirk on the face of the Qang as he finishes up, "Already at war with the Cardassian Union, our only fear is there is a Federation left by the time we arrive!  President Rothman," he spits as he says his name, "Your head will be on display in the Great Hall!  We will see you on Earth!"

The camera fades out as the Great Hall is alive with war cries.