Subject:RSE attacks Earth; War appears imminent.

Good morning. The last twenty four hours have shown an extraordinary series of naval activities from the major galactic powers as well as various independant merchant groups.

According to information we currently have available, the FAS Dilgom, an independant Ferengi merchant ship, had just launched from Hellesport when two Romulan warbirds decloaked and demanded that they prepare to be boarded. The Dilgom refused, the warbirds locked weapons, and the Dilgom ran. The warbirds fired, and the Dilgom returned fire with little effect. It is not clear whether or not Hellesport fired at the Dilgom.

After the warbirds entered UFP space the Ferengi ship issued several general distress calls. Starfleet was suspiciously silent and the Orion Syndicate responded for reasons which are as yet unknown. The Ferengi vessel continued transmitting distress calls and landed at a spaceport on Earth.

Once the Orion vessel entered Sol system, presumably to retrieve the Dilgom for reasons unknown to the Enquirer at this time, it was also fired upon. It engaged the Romulan warbirds and destroyed one of them. Spacedock then proceeded to fire on the Orion vessel and it fled. Our monitoring of standard hailing frequencies seem to indicate that the Dilgom and Orion vessel were both destroyed, though it is not known whether there were survivors or not.

"This entire incident is troubling," said Damon Yirgal of the Ferengi Alliance. "If even Starfleet cannot defend the system its own headquarters are in can they defend anything? If Romulan warbirds are allowed to penetrate Federation space with impunity is anybody safe? Is there a secret alliance between the Romulans and the Federation? And why is Hellesport now harassing our merchant ships? Effective immediately the Ferengi Alliance will begin sending its merchant ships under heavy escort and destroy any Federation, Klingon, Hellesport, or Romulan ships which behave in any threatening manner. If we allow our merchants, ships, and more importantly their cargo be destroyed we will go out of business!"

General Mirgam of the Orion Syndicate had only this to say: "Any Romulan, Klingon, or Federation ship will be destroyed on sight as revenge for the destruction of the Wuglinth." When asked about the possibility of war he declined to comment.