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Voyager never happened.

No, this is not merely wishful thinking on the part of any staff with a vehement dislike for the disjointed continuity the show produced on a weekly basis.

The reason is simple: The entirety of the Maquis had been wiped out by the Breen in 2356 in conjunction with their assault on Cardassia Prime. By 2371, the year in the canon timeline when Voyager launched its ill-fated mission from Deep Space Nine in response to Maquis activities in the area, the Maquis were still a minor player in the scheme of galactic politics, having more or less laid low since their annihilation, engaging in only a small handful of terrorist activities.

Since Starfleet had no drive to perform any sort of operation against the Maquis, Voyager was never deployed from Deep Space Nine and thus never entered the Badlands to encounter the Caretaker Array and was never swept into the Delta Quadrant.

Voyager never happened -- the events that took place, the technologies that were developed as a result of her voyage and the alien species she encountered are thus NOT considered canon to the Holotrek timeline.

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