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"Ex Astris, Scientia"


All Starfleet Officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minimum three year officer training course, however some courses may last much longer.

Most students enter the Academy aged 18, after graduating 6th Form (Advanced Level Qualifications). The Academy consists of two primary campuses, the first and most major being in San Francisco, Earth; the second on Starbase 1 (Spacedock) in Earth orbit. However there are many other affiliated campuses spread throughout sector 001 and across the sectors planets.

All students who apply must have a certain level of learning prior to selection and admission. This includes being able to speak, read and write fluently in Federation Standard, and having good Mathematics skills. However, Starfleet Academy is very selective and only has a limited number of places for prospective cadets. All students who apply for either Starfleet Academy or the Starfleet Marine Academy must pass the Officer Selection Committee. To do this, they are to attend a three-day long selection period and perform aptitude tests, take a full medical, attend an interview with two Starfleet Officers and show that they have leadership potential by attempting to complete several leadership exercises.

After selection, Cadets are then passed onto the Department of Initial Officer Training (DIOT), which is approximately 50km from the main Academy campus at San Francisco. Details of the course can be found be clicking the link below. Basically, this course converts a civilian into a member of a military force. After this 24 week course cadets are dispatched to their selected course (available course details can be found on 'The Courses'). These courses may include a cadet cruise which is usually aboard a Starfleet Exploration Vessel, however cadets can choose to take an additional cruise if their course does not include it (or in addition to the one provided), details of which can be found in 'The Cruise' section.

Upon completion of the Academy Training, cadets are commissioned as Ensigns and details of their results and performance are sent to all vessels with positions available. The Commanding Officers and Executive Officers aboard the vessels can then request a particular cadet to be assigned aboard their vessel, even before the cadet has received their results. Upon receipt of their results cadets are posted by request or by default to a Starfleet vessel or station anywhere in the Alpha Quadrant. These vessels can be of any type ranging from Science Vessels, such as the Oberth Class, to Exploration Cruisers such as the Sovereign Class.

For more information about Starfleet Academy please see the sections below.

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