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* Total Area: roughly 58,500,000,000 LY3
* Primary Natural Resources: dilithium, lead, iron, silicon, titanium, thorium, molybendum, deuterium.
* Planetary Use: Agricultural 2%;Inhabited 5%;Industrial 12%;Unused 81%
* Population: roughly 875,234,000,000
* Life Expectancy at Birth: 124 years male, 129 years female (Terran)
* Total Fertility Rate: 1.1 children born/woman (2372)
* Species Divisions: Humanoid 78%; Non-Humanoid 13%, Non-Corporeal 9%
* Religion: Secular Humanism 51%; Christianity 9%; Jewish 1%; Bajoran 2%; Betazed 3%; other 11%; none 23%
* Language: predominantly Federation Standard English, sizable minorities speaking Vulcan, Bajoran, and Betazed. Universal Translators virtually eliminate most language barriers.
* Labor Force: approximately 411,258,000,000

* Long-Form Name: The United Federation of Planets; abbreviated UFP
* Type: republic; strong democratic tradition
* Administrative Divisions: 156 Member worlds, 1295 Colony worlds (changing periodically with political situation).
* Constitution: August 12, 2161
* Legal System: based on English-Terran common law; judicial review of legislative acts.
* National Holiday: Federation Day, August 12 (2161)
* Executive Branch: president, Cabinet
* Legislative Branch: unicameral Federation Council
* Judicial Branch: Federation Supreme Court
* Suffrage: Universal at age 18
* Elections: President-every 6 years; Federation Council-every 4 years
* Flag: blue background with the words "The United Federation of Planets" in gold type centered in the bottom third of the flag. The seal of the Federation (Circular disk covered with a starfield, surrounded by laurel branches) is centered in the upper two-thirds of the flag.

* Overview: The Federation has a massive socialist economy built around large scale, inexpensive production of almost all consumer goods. No money is used for all basic expenses (food, clothing, shelter). A large scale heavy industrial base can build almost anything, given proper preparation and stable economical situation at the time.
* Unemployment Rate: 1%
* Budget: 2.98 Trillion Credits (FY 2372) (NOTE: The budget varies _heavily_ according to current situation)
* Industrial Production: growth rate +1.9% (2372)
* Industries & Agriculture: large-scale replication, starship/space station construction, pharmaceutical agriculture, computer programming, asteroid mining, antimatter production
* Merchant Marine: 1470 ships, 3266 unmanned cargo drones.
* Fiscal Year: Calendar Year

* Spaceways: approximately 51,500 LY
* Spaceports: 119 Major Spaceports, 789 Minor Spaceports, 6341 Space Stations (NOTE: changes occur on yearly basis, but this figure has been an accurate medium approximate for years)
* Telecommunications: 621,000,000,000 comn terminals; 8743 subspace comn relays; 5220 commercial holorecreation transmitters.

* Branches: Department of Exploration and Defense (including Starfleet Command and Marine Corps)
* Defense expenditures: 841 Billion Credits (FY 2372)

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