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The governing body of the United Federation of Planets is known as Federation Council. Led by a President, it has its headquarters in San Francisco, Earth (Terra), and deals with the political and economic issues such as negotiating treaties, or the distribution of resources. As the Federation is a Representative Democracy, representatives from each of the member planets make up the council. Each representative is elected by the planetary government, and from them, the president is elected. The following divisions of the government form the executive branch of the Council:

Starfleet is the primary exploration and defense body of the Federation. It is headed by a Commander in Chief, usually in the rank of Fleet Admiral or Admiral. It maintains the large navy, starbase and ground defense systems, and also operates a number of outposts hosted by allies of the UFP.

The Medical Sector of the United Federation of Planets is led by Surgeon General. It is responsible for general well-being of the Federation citizens, epidemics control, disease and flu prevention, as well as any other health-related issues concerning the UFP. Note that Starfleet has a separate medical sector, that responds to both the Starfleet and Surgeon General in that order.

The justice department of the United Federation of Planets is known as the Judicial Division and is led by Attorney General. It manages the civilian court system, reviews and submits laws, and assists the Federation Council in law-making process in the UFP.

The Commerce Division is headed by the Secretary of Commerce. It maintains and regulates the economy of the Federation, and manages the monetary and financial assets of the UFP. In addition, the Commerce Division is responsible for all interstellar and domestic trade, to which end it manages the Federation Merchants Organization. Finally, the division is also in charge of funds to Starfleet and R&D agencies, as well as economic disaster control.

The Diplomatic Sector is headed by the Secretary of State. It is a representing agency for the United Federation of Planets, as well as the wartime and peacetime negotiations division. The sector maintains and manages diplomatic relations with other organizations in space, and often mediates on behalf of other empires.

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