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Founded in 2161, the United Federation of Planets is an alliance of approximately 150 planetary governments and colonies, united for mutual trade, exploratory, scientific, cultural, diplomatic, and defensive endeavors. The Federation is governed by a council of representatives from the various member planets, that meet in the city of Paris, on Earth.

The United Federation of Planets was founded as a peaceful collaboration of many planetary governments, dedicated to peaceful acquisition of knowledge, technologies, and better living. The Federation seeks out new civilizations, in hopes of establishing peaceful contact, and developing a relationship which is prosperous to both.

The most important policy of the Federation is the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive states that the UFP must not, for any reason, interfere with the natural development of a less advanced culture, and that it must also not interfere with the internal affairs of any government outside of the Federation.

The Federation accepts all offers of peace which are believed to be in good faith, as diplomatic means of peace are its primary strategy. Famous throughout the galaxy for its powerful diplomacy and mediation tactics, the United Federation of Planets sees itself as a champion of universal peace. Indeed, many previous endeavors of Starfleet and the diplomatic sector of the government have gone down in history for preservation of lives, non-aggression and prosperity. Yet despite the extraordinary job of maintaining a generally peaceful climate in this region of the galaxy, the Federation and its member planets have been involved in number of armed conflicts over the years. Notable among those are the tensions with the Klingon Empire, which lasted almost a century until the Organian Peace Treaty in 2267, and later the Khitomer Conference of 2293. Common conflicts and constantly unresolved hostilities continue with the Romulan Star Empire and the Tholian Assembly.

Starting in 2350s, the Federation was involved in a protracted, bitter war with Cardassia, till the peace treaty was reached in 2366. Yet the friction with the Cardassian Union is a recurring theme in the more recent Federation history.

Internally, the United Federation of Planets has well achieved its goals of prosperity, multiculturalism, tolerance, and economic affluence. It is an organization where all the races are viewed as equal, all cultures preserved and encouraged, and poverty eliminated. From the multitalented Humans, through the logical Vulcans and the empathic Betazoids, to the gregarious Deltans, the Federation is made up of all forms of species and races.

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