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New Player Info

If you're new to this faction, or new to HoloTrek in general, please read through everything in here to get a feel for the various parts of the Federation.

If you've not joined an org yet, We, the directors, would like to extend this invitation. If ultra-pure Trek-style RP is your aim, this is where you find it. In the Federation, as opposed to other factions, we roleplay like has been shown on the TV shows and movies for years and years. Our large, detailed starships with many rooms each are testament to the lengths we've gone to ensure that your Federation experience is as genuinely pure as possible.

If you've just joined the UFP, then welcome to the Federation! We do hope you enjoy your stay and find the roleplay to be exciting and fulfilling.

As a brand-new Federation player, you may be wondering what to do next. The question here would be what you really want your chatacter to do. Is Geordi LaForge your hero? Maybe you want to go into Engineering. Love Tuvok to death? Maybe you should be in security. Get a kick out of it every time Bashir is on screen? Maybe you should go into Starfleet medical. There's something for everyone.

If you've made your decision to join Starfleet, you should take the quiz, and submit your answers to *Starfleet-Academy along with your name and desired department of service. It is also important that you have a least a rough outline of your biography completed. If your answers are acceptable, you'll be contacted via @mail and presented with your starting equipment and assigned a post aboard a starship. Guidelines for using your coded items are here: Guidelines for Using Your Coded Items

Character Biographies and Traits

It is imperative that each player involved with the Federation have completed his or her character's traits. Character biographies, while helpful in terms of roleplay, can come secondary. No player will be placed in any post without having their traits done. Here are a couple helpful links:

Overview | Culture | Prime Directive | RP Info | Starfleet | Starfleet Academy | Diplomatic Corps | New Players | Voyager