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The Federation Diplomatic Corps is a representative and official sector of the Federation. It exists with its own structure and is directly responsible to the Federation Council. Its task is to represent the UFP in the interstellar forum, to maintain diplomatic relations with other governments, to lead diplomatic missions to newly discovered and long-known worlds, and to relieve any aggression headed towards the Federation and the rest of the galaxy in favor of peace, cooperation and prosperity.

The diplomatic sector employs highly trained ambassadors from many member worlds of the Federation and comprises its strategy accordingly as different situations demand it. Its foremost goal is to maintain peace or relieve war efforts in favor of it. To this end, the UFP Diplomacy often works alongside Starfleet, and must submit to the orders of the Starfleet Commander in Chief as an executive field officer of the Federation Council.

Since the duties of UFP Diplomacy are often to prevent war, the sector attempts to maintain close diplomatic relationships with other governments, in belief that good communication can prevent future and current problems. UFP diplomats are usually accomplished speakers and negotiators, sometimes hired by other government to act as neutral advisors, mediators and judges.

Any HoloTrek player that wishes to be a member of the Diplomatic Corps can contact the faction directors for more information on joining. Current Starfleet officers can also join the Diplomatic Corps. Officers who join up with the Corps will be put on sabbatical. A character can then return to starfleet at any time, at the same rank they held before or a higher one.

Federation Diplomacy Ranks:

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