HoloTrek: Rules

In order to maintain sanity and fairness, HoloTrek has a set of rules and regulations governing IC and OOC actions of players. All players are responsible for knowing rules which are applicable to them. If you fly a ship, then know the rules of engagement; if you are a senior member of your org, know the rules that apply to directors; et cetera. Ignorantia nihil excusat.
ICWhat is IC/OOC?
CombatIC combat rules
DeathCharacter death
SuicideHoloTrek's character suicide policy
ROESpace Rules of Engagement
TheftRules on In-Game Theft and Looting
TPRunning TinyPlots
TransfersTransfering to another org
OrgsRules regarding organization administration
CommandRules that apply to characters in command positions.
Staff PositionsStaff Positions and Responsibilities
DirectorsRules applying to directors
PoliciesOOC policies