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Service to the Empire is divided into many areas. All legions and some sectors are distinguished by a rank structure. The military legions are the Galae - the fleet, and the Tal Shiar - the intelligence, counterinelligence and security agency. The civilian factions are the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi legion - Rihannsu diplomatic corps, and the Arrhe-aevr - the merchant marine. The ranks and their Imperial equivalent numbers can be found below. Also included is the list of titles of Phi'lasasam.

* GalaeGalae Ranks
* KiithKiith Mrevhoqq'ghi Ranks
* Tal ShiarTal Shiar Ranks
* Arrhe-aevrArrhe-aevr Ranks
* Phi'lasasamPhi'lasasam Titles
* EmpireOverview of the Imperial ranks

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