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Rihannsu Academy Net

The Rihannsu Academy Net is a curriculum and information resource to all recruits currently studying at Phi'lasasam. As an Eredh, it is your responsibility to strive for excellence, learn efficiency and acquire all the skills that will guarantee your success in active service, as a loyal member of whichever legion you choose and are accepted in. Should you require assistance, contact an instructor. Remember, the future of the Empire lies in the quality of Phi'lasasam graduates.

Now, let us continue OOCly, for most of the things you need to know and that are explained here are things that concern you more than your character.

The following steps will help you prepare your character for the IC world, so study them carefully and follow the instructions. If you need help at any point during the initial procedures, please feel free to ask a director or other Romulan players. They are always eager to help new people.

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